Best YT comment regarding “struggle sex”


LIV I KNOW you wanted to COMB THE COBWEBS OFF THE COOCH BUT AFTER SEEING THIS SHIT YOU COULD HAVE DONE BETTER WITH YOUR FINGERS OR A CUCUMBER! LOL Jake IS A JOKE! He is a lousy lay cause HOME GIRL DID NOT MAKE A SOUND! When POTUS get up in that AZZ she be quoting scripture and shit! AFTER OLE’ JAKE BUST HER BOX WIDE OPEN HE BUST HER HEAD OPEN TOO! What kind of shit is that? She trying to get OVER one man by getting UNDER another but it ain’t working cause BITCH ENDED UP IN INTENSIVE CARE!! LMAO

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    ^^^ Olivia is a Class A avoider of her issues. Not the least bit healthy. I can’t wait to get some background in her....
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    And to the bolded: let’s note how Abby said “fuck Olivia’s advice” and took her ass over to David and APOLOGIZED and...
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    I don’t think he bust it wide open lol he don’t look like he would be packing anything down there….. He don’t have the...
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