Let’s give it up to MILTONSONG for being the Scandalverse’s latest recipient of the FIERCE GLADIATORS AWARD!!! 

It is without a doubt that many, if not most of us within the Scandalverse enjoy and look forward to reading, answering and debating Miltonsong’s insightful, penetrating and often times hilarious Scandal commentary. I mean come on anyone who chooses Michael Corleone as their tumblr avatar has got to be cool peeps…

Our girl Milton was born and raised in Prince George’s County, Maryland in the United States and presently still lives in Maryland and works as a special educator. Milton loves her work as a special educator but she does have a passion to do something more creative like writing. I think all of us who follow Milton on tumblr are not in the least bit  surprised that she has a passion for writing.

Speaking of tumblr, Milton joined in about two and a half years ago but like many, she didn’t go deep undercover until Scandal came along. Scandal does have a way of making a Gladiator go deep into social media by creating a separate tumblr or twitter page, don’t it…lol.

But speaking of all things Scandal, I happily had the chance to chat with Milton before she so awesomely went on her summer vacation cruise… Let’s hope that Milton is on the lido deck sipping on her Marterry and enjoying the high life.

Milton girl, was there a specific scene or episode of Scandal that led you to become a Gladiator?

The first Oval Office scene when Fitz grabbed Olivia and whispered “Look at me.” I was definitely like “Oh, so I’m going to be back here next week.” Just the passion and connection between Fitz and Olivia was awesome. Still is.

Do you have a favorite character? If so, who is that character and why?

It is actually a tie between Fitz and Olivia. While I might defend Fitz more than I do Olivia (and I do get on her from time to time) I do like them both. Fitz has a bit of the edge though.

Is there a character on Scandal that you hate or possibly love to hate? If so, who is that character and why?

Love to hate: Mellie. She is very much a product of her environment and her families expectations of her so it makes her actions to keep her goals in tact fascinating to me.

Hate: Jake. I just…no. lol… (WELP…)

Considering the finale of season 2 and the fact that Scott Foley’s Jake Ballard character will be back, what are your current thoughts on Olitz? For example, did Olitz really break up in the S2 finale? Will Fitz really get divorced while being POTUS? Is Olitz really end game?

I think that Olitz are broken up and that they are going to be apart for a minute. Which is why they added Jake to the canvas to have a fallback for Olivia to interact with (I’ll be watching HBO during those scenes). I do think that eventually Fitz will divorce Mellie. I go back and forth on whether Olitz will be end game for various reasons but lean more towards them ending up together. (AMEN and AMEN…lol)

How would you like Shonda and the writers to unfold the story line of Olivia being outed as the President’s mistress? 

My preference would be for both Olivia and Fitz to decide once and for all how they are going to do this together. I also think that I would prefer for Fitz to just file for divorce and let the chips fall where they may.

We think Harrison’s back story will be revealed in S3 and there is talk that maybe Harrison is related to Olivia. What are your thoughts on Harrison’s potential back story and the possibility that he is related to Olivia and Rowan?

I wouldn’t want Harrison to be related to Olivia but I would want them to have a past. I like that they have a brother and sister like spiritual relationship and making them actual blood relations might take away from that.

I have had several discussions on the final scene of the S2 finale where Olivia, in the back of the limo car, says “Dad?” How do you interpret the dynamics of the Olivia and Rowan relationship based upon this brief scene? For example, does Olivia love her father? Did Olivia think her father was dead? etc…

I think Olivia’s relationship is going to be extremely complicated with her father and that they didn’t end on the best of terms. The fact that Rowan could basically have Jake make a sex tape with his own daughter, view that tape, and then want Cyrus to reveal the tape to Fitz tells me he is a sick son of a bitch. The fact that he was willing to use her as bait for Albatross even if it put her in danger? Not good. So I don’t think they have a very functional relationship and we are going to see that that is the reason why Olivia is so messed up.

Lastly, do you have a favorite episode or favorite Olitz moment? If so, what are they? And girl I know it’s hard to choose just one…lol.

My absolute favorite Olitz moment is a tie between the Rose Garden scene and the finger brush scene in the White House in 1x02. The Rose Garden scene is my favorite because it was the moment when all of their cards were put on the table about one another and they were spiritually naked in front of each other. That mixture of obsessive love, heartbreaking need, and soul shattering confessions was straight out of some old romance. It was the moment both of them realized how deep they were in love with one another and it wouldn’t be simple to get out of each others heads. And it also emphasized how each approaches the other.

The finger touch because it was such a simple moment yet is said so much about them. Olivia unconsciously reacting to him, yearning for him, despite what he had done, said so much at such an early stage about them. And of course the hand holding becomes more potent when we realize it’s meaning. So I love it.

And we love you Milton girl…Kerry On!!!

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