AlaisVaughn has made a fool out of all you. You got played lol. Nothing that she has said actually backs up, which is funny considering she is supposed to have inside knowledge, all the way from Italy. But you know Terry On.




Hmm forgive me for being a tiny bit confused grayface. Since you KNOW all this. Since you are SURE of all this. You are sweating bullets because, exactly? Yeah, I thought as much. You have a nice day now. My my my your hate for her is strong. I love it. You are SCARED SHITLESS OF HER. You all keep proving it. No one cares what you think…sorry boo.

image just cant help trying to get attention.  like a fly or mosquito.  flies buzz around and annoy just because.  mosquitoes come to try to suck your blood to feel off you.  so tired lol. 


I seriously wonder if they are not tired of looking ridiculous? Then again, not having much brains means they are doomed to repeat the cycle. Ah well. Terry On.

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    Yeah they have spelling problems too. Does that surprise you?
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    Wait….who is Alaisvaughn? I don’t know who that is. And why is she playing me for a fool? I am not sure how that works...
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    See, this why I can’t stand anons… To damn chicken shit to say it themselves, gotta hide behind something.
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    Really? Because I have an interest in saying things that are not the truth? ROFLMAO!! Actually, you’ll see how you will...
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    It really is Funny; What a waste of time and space.
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    Guys, I don’t know maybe I’m morbid or something, but these anons and their messages and hatred just tickle me elmo. I...
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    Excellent advice. Going forward instant delete.
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    you are absolutely correct Mary. i will go back to ignoring. :)
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    Bronze: you think it’s even necessary at this point to address anything posted by these delusional anons.
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    The truth always comes to light so they are really wasting their time here. They just look desperate and obsessive.
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    Pinch their cheeks!
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    Wow they won’t stop
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    Anons your insecurities are showing!!!!